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Once you have signed up as a host and your account has been validated you are ready to start creating new experiences and publish them on our marketplace.

Here is a quick summary on how to create a new experience and our tips to make it stand out from the crowd.



  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Select the type of experience you want to create on the leftside menu. We support 3 types of experience: Tours, Workshops and Events. Choose the type that best represent your experience. 

    Host dashboard home page


  3. Click Setup in the header of the page and click + to add a new experience 

    Experience setup page


  4. Fill in your experience Page. See below for extra details
  5. Save your listing and finish it any time later.
  6. As soon as you think you are ready, publish the experience. Our team will review your listing and approve it. 

    Publish a new experience


Once you have created a new experience page, you will find the following sections that you are requested to fill in. The information you add here will be public and visible to your customers. Although it’s your responsibility to fill it in in the best possible way, we will share our best practices to guidelines to make sure your experience page looks perfect.


Experience info page

  • Name (Title): This will become the title of your experience. It’s one of the most important fields of your experience.

TIP! See our article about best practices on how to create an effective title for your experience.

N.B. We will reserve the right to modify your title in case it doesn’t match with our standard and guidelines We do so in your best interest. If you have questions, please contact us.

  • Address: This represents the meeting point for your experience. Be careful with, otherwise your clients will not be to find you.
  • Marketplace: This indicates the destination you belong to.
  • Lat/Long: Use this field to fine tune your exact position.

TIP! Useful in case your meeting point is in the countryside and it cannot be properly located via the address.

  • Cover image: This is the image that will be displayed by default on search engines or on our website gallery of experiences.

TIP! Use a eye catching image of your experience. something that convey the essence of what you are proposing, ex. in a workshop you may want to show visitors active and participating in the class.

  • Gallery: we always recommend to add 4-10 images. use these pictures to show multiple aspect of your experience.

TIP! Think about what your visitor interests are and not yours.

TIP! Don’t show a nice bucket of flowers that you and your wife are very proud of if it doesn’t add any value to the core activity you are selling.

  • Categories: you can choose more than one category to assign to your experience. We have an extensive list of categories and subcategories that will be used in our search engines to display your experiences to the right audience.

TIP! Don’t be tempted to select all thinking that you will appear more often. People who are searching for Food and Wine don’t appreciate to be suggested a guided tour in the wood.

  • Preferences: Help your visitors to find you based on key characteristics of your experience. Here you can indicate the intensity level of the activity, whether it is best reachable by car or walking, if it is appropriate for families or not.

In this section you will explain the inside out of your experience. Visitors, after been convinced to look at your experience by your cover picture, will start reading more about you.

TIP! Be simple, use short sentences and clear. Avoid ambiguity and clarify your points. Don’t assume that your visitors know what you know.

  • What will you do: explain the what. It’s more or less the agenda of your activity.

TIP! Start your sentence with a reminder to the key elements of the experience. Repeat the keywords you used in the title mentioning the what and where. It helps boosting your SEO ranking on search engines.

  • What you can expect: explain how your visitors will feel during the activity (relaxed, thrilled etc…), what practical information they should be aware of (crowded, active, supported) and the outcome of your experience (what they learn or will remember).
  • Inclusions: be through and exhaustive about what it is included in the price of your ticket.

TIP! It’s a good practice to be very explicit about drinks, food or snacks, access to paid services.

  • Exclusions: see above. same best practices.

TIP! If there are extra paid services near or at the location itself which are not included please mention them and be very honest about it. Ex: souvenir or food shop, restaurant, coffee bar etc….

  • How to prepare for the experience: This field is optional.

  • Refund policy: tick the refund policy of your preference. see here more info about what we support
  • House rules: write here anything that is strictly important to the participation and admission to your experience. Ex, safety procedure, health checks before extreme sports, smoking and drinking rules etc…

You are not allowed to contradict Tripofthings T&C, Refund Policies and Non discrimination policy.

In this section you can create the availability calendar of your experience. Read more about Availability and Ticket price here.

You can set the following fields:

  • when the activity take place
  • what time your activity starts and end
  • how many people
  • booking period
  • Min guest
  • Ticket categories and price