When you are creating a new experience, remember that the title is the most important element of your listing.
It helps search engines to find it and it helps your potential visitors to immediately understand what it is all about.
Try to be simple yet explicit about the key points of your experience and don’t take things for granted as many people don’t know what you know.

Titles should:

  1. Be written in english. Even if you fill in the information about your experience in your native language, the title should always be in english.
  2. Be fewer than 50 characters
  3. Say what the activity is and where it is
  4. Use simple language
  5. Include relevant keywords and selling points

Titles should not:

  1. Start with “The”
  2. Mention transport type, unless it’s a selling point (e.g. helicopter or limo)
  3. Include your company name
  4. Use any trademark terms
  5. Be written in all capital letters
  6. Include subjective words such as “amazing” or “the best”

Check out some effective product titles below:

Learn to recognize mosses and liveworts in maremma

Guided horse riding tour in maremma for beginners

Guided tour to mortelle winery and wine taste