Museo Archeologico

Address: Palazzo del Podesta, Piazza Garibaldi, Massa Marittima, Italy (0)
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Museo Archeologico


The Archaeological Museum is housed in the ancient Palazzo del Podestà (1225), which overlooks the Piazza del Duomo in Massa Marittima. The collection is organized in sections, ordered chronologically starting from the Lower Paleolithic to the Etruscan age; the main piece of the prehistoric collection is the eneolithic stele statue of Vado all'Arancio, the only find of this type present in the Maremma; the Etruscan finds come mainly from the excavations carried out in the village of the lake of Accesa, above all pottery, loom weights, fishing weights and bricks; there are also funeral objects found in the necropolis, especially pottery (clay figulina and bucchero), bronze hangers, iron support, arms in iron and bronze. On the ground floor there is an educational section with the reconstruction of life-size caves-type: a paleolithic and an eneolithic. The service of guided tours and educational activities is active, as well as the organization of cultural activities and the screening of films


The Oreopithecus is an extinct primate from the Miocene epoch whose fossils have been found in Tuscany and Sardinia. It’s not believed to be an early form of man, but a species that grew alongside homo sapiens, but never fully evolved.

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