Lake of Kastoria

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Lake of Kastoria


Lake Orestiada or Lake of Kastoria is a lake in the Kastoria regional unit of Macedonia, northwestern Greece. Sitting at an altitude of 630 metres, the lake covers an area of 28 square kilometres. Nine rivulets flow into the lake, and it drains into the Haliacmon river. Its depth varies from nine to ten metres. The Orestida was formed about 10 million years ago. The Kastoria Peninsula divides the lake into two parts, the larger to the north and the smaller to the south. The lake takes its name from the Oreiades. Lakeside attractions include, apart from the Byzantine architectural heritage of the town, an 11th-century Byzantine monastery of Panagia Mavriotissa and the reconstructed prehistoric settlement of Dispilio, where the Dispilio Tablet was retrieved from the lake in 1992.


The best way to explore the city is taking a little tour around the lake starting from the southernmost side up to the northernmost. Take a stroll on the narrow pathway along the lake’s coast; you will be overwhelmed by its idyllic beauty and tranquility. The promenade shaded by beech and plane trees as well as the neighbouring forests exude a mystical atmosphere and make an excellent shelter for all kinds of bird speciesOrestiada Lake is home to a 200 different species, among them, some rare and some endangered. Local fishermen find themselves in competition with waterfowls for the lake’s fish. During your walk don’t forget to make a stop by the Dragon’s Cave, where you’ll get to see seven underground lakes and rooms with astonishing stalactites.
If you want to admire the city from above, follow the lush and green path towards Profitis Ilias Church and continue even higher up to Agios Athanasios viewpoint.

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