Pamvotida Lake of Ioannina

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Pamvotida Lake of Ioannina



Lake Pamvotida or Pamvotis, commonly also Lake of Ioannina is the largest lake of Epirus, located in the central part of the Ioannina regional unit in northern Greece. The regional capital Ioannina to the west and the town of Perama to the north are urban settlements fringing the lake while the remaining of its periphery is composed of farmland. The lake features small fishing ports and a boating port. There is a regular boat service to the Ioannina Island. The Greek National Road 6 surrounds the northern half of the lake.


The lake has two main features: a dream-like peninsula with its historic castle and towering minarets and the small island – the only island in Greece to be inhabited and yet not have a name – which basks in its green waters.
Little boats will ferry you through the local nature, past historic monasteries and into the picturesque fishing community, where the real heart of the island beats. Sample some of the desserts that Ioannina is famous for, enjoy the warm welcome the locals offer guests or try some of the popular local snacks, such as carp, eel and frog’s legs.

The secrets of the lake are well hidden in the shroud of the morning mist. They await you when you take a trip through legend and history.

Activities: The Lake offers perfect conditions for water skiing, rowing and canoeing, as the wind in the area is usually very favourable.

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