Archaeological Museum of Ioannina

Address: 25 Martiou Square 6, 45221 Ioannina, Greece (0)
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Archaeological Museum of Ioannina



The Archaeological Museum of Ioannina is a museum located in Litharitsa Park in the centre of Ioannina, Greece. The museum contains many artifacts unearthed in the surrounding area such as Palaeolithic tools, from Kokkinopilos, Asprochaliko and Kastritsa, the ruins of Dodoni and ancient cemeteries such as Vitsa and the Oracle of Acheron. The museums also has many inscriptions, headstones, and a collection of coins. The building was designed by Greek architect Aris Konstantinidis.


The collections of the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina are displayed in seven halls, the central aisle and three atria in a total surface of 1.200 square meters. Exhibits cover a wide time span from the first appearance of humans in Epirus during the Lower Paleolithic, 250.000 years ago, to late antiquity in late Roman times (3rd century AD). Great emphasis is laid on the artifacts from the sanctuary of Dodoni which are exhibited in a hall devoted to one of the greatest sanctuaries of the Greek world. The new permanent exhibition retains the Panepirotic dimension of the old one, as was conceived by the first director of the Archaeological Museum, Ioulia Vokotopoulou. It comprises approximately 3.000 artifacts from all over Epirus. The exhibition is structured around three different axes: chronological, geographical and thematic. These intertwined axes underpin the museum’s narrative in an attempt to highlight the area’s distinct character and history during antiquity.

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