Holy Monastery of Varlaam in Kalampaka

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Holy Monastery of Varlaam in Kalampaka


The second biggest monastery located at Meteora takes its name after the hermit Varlaam, who climbed here in the 14th century and founded three churches. After Varlaam died, the churches fell into ruins and it took almost 200 years until two priest-monks Hosioi Theophanes and Nectarios the Apsarades arrived, renovated some of the ruins and added the church dedicated to All Saints. Apart from the main church decorated with 16th-century frescoes, you can visit the museum housed in the old refectory which showcases religious paintings, the old kitchen, and the hospital. This beautiful monastery gives you a detailed insight into the monastic life.


The Holy Monastery of Varlaam is the second biggest monastery. It is located opposite of the Great Meteoro Monastery and it was founded in the mid 14th century by the exercitant Hosios Varlaam.

The elegant monastery Catholicon was built in the honour of Agioi Pantes in 1541-42, by two brothers from Ioannina, the priest-monks Hosioi Theophanes and Nectarios the Apsarades. The main church was decorated in 1548. Based on stylistic criteria, this magnificent wall-painting is attributed to the famous hagiographer from Thebes, Frago Catelano.

This is the monastery where you can visit the tower of the old preserved net, used by the first monks for their ascent and descent from the rock, until it was “God’s will to have it replaced”!

A very large and impressive 16th century oak barrel for water storage is also not to be missed. The old refectory has been turned into a museum, where visitors can admire the excellence of religious painted icons – mostly contemporary to the Renaissance period – and precious holy vestments of the priests. Other old buildings in the Monastery are the kitchen and the hospital. The bibliographic workshop and the workshop of gold-embroidery of the Monastery were excellent.

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