Monastero dos Jeronimos

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Monastero dos Jeronimos




The Jeronimos Monastery (in Portuguese Mosteiro dos Jerónimos), Lisbon's most famous and visited monument, is not only an exceptional architectural work but also an important symbol of Portuguese identity and culture. This masterpiece of the Manueline style, an exquisitely Portuguese artistic expression that mixes late-Gothic and Renaissance elements, was founded by the will of King Don Manuel I in the vicinity of the place where Henry the Navigator, a key figure for the overseas expansion of Portugal, had built a church dedicated to Saint Mary of Belém. Also this monument, like other famous attractions of the Belém district, is a celebration of the maritime enterprises that brought enormous wealth to Portugal, in particular the triumphant journey with which Vasco de Gama opened the sea route to the Indies. - https://www.lisbona.info/cosa-vedere-lisbona/monastero-dos-jeronimos/


The Jeronimos Monastery never fails to fascinate its visitors for its rich decorations, the extraordinary contrast of the stone with the blue sky of Lisbon, the richly sculpted portals and the monumental cloister. It was built in 1502 to a design by the architect Diogo Boytac and dedicated to San Geronimo, patron saint of sailors; to its realization numerous Portuguese, French and Spanish artists collaborated. The order of geronimo was dissolved in 1833: since then and until 1940 the monastery was used as a school and orphanage; in 1907 it was declared a national monument and in 1983 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In its five centuries of history the monastery has attracted poets, navigators, kings and artists and was the burial place of nobles and explorers: today it is one of the main tourist attractions of Lisbon.

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