Museo di Storia Naturale

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Museo di Storia Naturale


Located in the historic center of the city of Grosseto, the Museum of Natural History of the Maremma (formerly the Civic Museum of Natural History of Grosseto) extends over three floors: two exhibition areas and one dedicated to museum activities.


The Museum presents itself as a cultural container and a place of dialogue between the scientific community and the public, through guided tours, educational activities, special projects, exhibitions, conferences, conferences.
The articulation of the rooms is based on two main styles: a more "classical" treatment, inspired by systematic or chronological criteria (in line with the most widespread logic in the exposure of abiotic samples) and a descriptive approach of the habitats and their ecological relationships. In both cases, the exhibited objects are released from a static context and inserted into a more modern and communicative dimension.
The contemporary use of different types of display (panels, display cabinets, dioramas, multimedia stations) gives rise to a complex communication model, differentiated by topics and by type of user.

Along the exhibition path, detailed information on the samples displayed and in-depth information on topics of general interest are often alternated. This allows a comprehensive treatment of the actual situation of the specific environmental context to be carried out at the same time, without giving up the description of general topics, often propaedeutic to the correct understanding of other concepts.

An additional element of the museum are the didactic islands, important elements of support and in-depth analysis of the simple guided tour. These are spaces that are physically distinct from the exhibition structures, within which the students can follow lectures on specific topics and develop direct experiences, through the manipulation of samples. The in-depth lessons can thus be combined with a guided tour of the exhibition rooms or constitute an independent teaching tool, inserted in the context of a thematic course of study. Structure and location of the didactic islands do not hinder the normal use of the tour, allowing the simultaneous carrying out of educational activities and visits (with or without a guide).

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