Fortezza Medievale

Address: Via della Fortezza, 9, 58043 Castiglione della Pescaia GR, Italia (0)
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Fortezza Medievale


The castle of Castiglione della Pescaia consists of three angular towers crowned with summit crenellations, the most massive of which is the original Torre Pisana. The building is located on the western side looking towards the sea, while on the other sides the area of the complex is bordered by walls that surround an internal courtyard .

Another curtain wall, with merlons, starts from the south-western tower and delimits the area around the southern side of the castle . Near the tower , an arched door opens to a panoramic terrace.


The fortification was built around the tenth century as a simple tower lookout, built by the Pisani who at that time controlled the area: this building was initially called Torre Pisana.

During the following two centuries the other two towers were built, while the walls and building blocks among them included were built during the Renaissance .

The entire complex underwent some renovations in the following centuries, first with the Lorraine family towards the end of the eighteenth century and, finally, at the beginning of the twentieth century under the direction of the architect Lorenzo Porciatti .

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