Palazzo Nerucci

Address: Piazza Colonna, 4, Castel del Piano GR, Italia (0)
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Palazzo Nerucci


Only one palazzo has managed to stand out amongst the grandeur of Castel del Piano's many churches and that’s Palazzo Nerucci.

This building is the cultural and artistic hub of the town, commissioned by Nerucci Domenico – an important local figure who was tied to the papal court and held a number of ecclesiastical offices – in 1554.


Nerucci’s Latin name (Domenicus Nerutius) is actually carved over the lintel of a window on the palazzo’s facade as proof of his ownership, along with the date AD MDLXXXII.

The entire building embodies the Renaissance style of 16th century artist Baldassarre Peruzzi, who was inspired by the Villa della Farnesina, which sits on the shore of the Tiber River in Rome.

The exquisite cream rendered facade is dominated by a large wooden door, flanked by bracketed windows with stone lintels and cornices, which give the entire building a rustic look.

The loggia, again inspired by Renaissance design, is shaped like an ‘L’ and is attached to the northern side of the palazzo. Its roof is covered in wooden beams and held up by Grecian-esque columns and arches, as well as various inscriptions and engravings.

After Nerucci died, the palazzo was used as the residence of the Capitani di Giustizia. It then housed Town Hall, which remained here until it was moved to Palazzo Ginnaneschi sometime during the last century.

Today the palazzo is home to an incredibly beautiful and valuable art collection.  

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