We empower people to explore new authentic destinations and have meaningful and delightful experiences


We are two long time friends born and raised in a small provincial town where past mixes with modern and where traditions still survive in this fast changing world. We grew up looking at the few tourists coming to our land and thinking about how fortunate we were to be on holidays the all year long. We had it all; beach, mountains, woods, islands, outdoor winter and summer sports, great food and a lot of fun.

One day, almost 25 years ago, in a late May afternoon, ending another great day out with the friends, while staring at the see one of us softly whispered: Why are there anyway so few tourists coming here?

25 years fast forward, Tripofthings is born with an answer to that question.


We want to become the European reference point for alternative destinations

And creating a circular economy between the travelers, the hosts, the regions and their partners.

  • More opportunities to learn and experience with less hassle
  • Support a sustainable tourism development for lesser known regions
  • New opportunities for the local hosts at affordable costs


Cristian Del Pasqua

Founder - CEO


I am an inventor that lives in between Business and Technology, Corporate and Startups. So different, so much in need of each other, so much complementary.

I am the founder of Tripofthings.com and cofounder of Invisible-Tickets.com

Roberto Pulcini

Co-founder - VP Sales